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Artificial intelligence is one of the key technologies of the 21st Century. We encounter AI applications in our daily lives, during our free time and at work. AI-supported digital assistants and chatbots are particularly interesting for personnel and professional development. They provide a continuous and individually accessible service, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, worldwide. When I interact with a chatbot to learn something new, I am engaged in a dialogical learning process: Conversational learning, or c-learning in short.

Jix – by time4you

time4you, the specialist for digital training solutions, puts AI in a nutshell.

Conversational learning par excellence with Jix

Jix is your perfect AI solution for developing and running c-learning applications.
Jix offers your users learning in dialogue with an expert who actually has pedagogical skills! Use Jix to develop needs based virtual assistants and LearnBots who accompany and supervise your participants and employees around the clock and directly at the point of need. The “learning nuggets” that are generated in the process are available as text or speech based support anywhere your users expect quick and competent support for dealing with a specific problem.

Perfect for c-learning

The numerous options Jix provides for designing outputs (buttons, menus …) and integrating various media (audio, images, video, links to websites and applications) facilitate pedagogical applications in particular. Jix is capable of supporting text as well as speech based inputs and outputs. The area of application goes beyond conventional learning systems to include varied application options using smart phones and smart home devices through natural sounding dialogues.

With SCORM straight in your own LMS

The Jix based conversational learning apps support SCORM standards.
You can therefore integrate them into your SCORM compatible learning management system just like conventional WBT units, with the help of a SCORM wrapper. In this way Jix LearnBots are available to you as additional methodological elements in the learning process and can be flexibly integrated into more comprehensive learning scenarios. Alternatively, you can use Jix bots on your website and the Intranet.

Jix – Prices

In the cloud and on-premises

Jix SE

Jix PR

250 conversations / month incl., 0.25 Euro per additional conversation
450 conversations / month incl., 0.22 Euro per additional conversation
150 Euro* / month
275 Euro* / month
* Quoted prices do not include VAT as per the price list of 01.02.2018. Subject to change.

Always at your service: 365 days, 24 hours, worldwide.

My bot for me! As an individual point of contact and assistant.

Frees the team (organisers, trainers) from routine tasks.

Easy to access and understand.

Available at the moment of need.

Good for your image: AI is simply cool!

Use Cases

AI use for personnel and professional development

A recommender system when choosing courses

Correction, rewards, benchmarking, scoring

Automated scheduling and trainer deployment planning

Travel costs optimisation for event management

Learning coach and personal assistant

Digital tutor, LearnBot, conversational learning

The classic case: developing expert knowledge

The LearnBot helps you with content that you want to know by heart and supports you during exam revision. Choose your subject area: medical, occupational safety and health, compliance, basics of business administration, soft skills, products (delta training, new models, new versions, new prices…).

Readiness check

Your LearnBot asks you questions and provides you with direct feedback and an assessment at the end of the dialogue based on your answers. Also works well as a competency self-check.

Train your musical ear

Why not learn something new and stimulate your brain! Music for example: recognise intervals, differentiate between major and minor keys, recognise triads and cadences, identify a piece of music or passages.

Get fitter

The LearnBot is your personal trainer with a reminder function for short training sequences, audio and video instructions according to the selected training area.

Practice decision-making ability and roles

Train for conversations that follow a set pattern with your LearnBot. For example, voice radio in the plane and in the tower, anamnesis interview, sales and consulting conversations for standardised products, services, processes.

Brain jogging

We need it all the time… mental arithmetic: addition, subtraction, tables, remembering names, numerical sequences (short at first, then getting progressively longer). Or take a more playful approach with “I packed my suitcase”…

Relax and get creative

Why not use your bot for a creative break: Listen to a story or poems or develop a story together (alternate associative sentences). Your bot can also tell jokes, knows good Limericks, find quotes, shows movies and plays music for you.

Project c-learning

From the idea to your own Learning Bot

My LearnBot

You can create a basic LearnBot in a few person days (5-10) and then keep adding to it bit by bit during operation. Trainers are able to address the learner’s specific requirements and interests to the fullest through dialogical learning between two people. In the digital version, c-learning, this is accomplished by your virtual dialogue partner. After all, c-learning will only be accepted and lead to successful learning when the digital assistants interact adequately and involve their human learning partners in purposeful and at the same time lively dialogue.

The briefing

Requirements, goals, utility: Just like any good project, developing a LearnBot starts with a briefing: During this phase, you clarify requirements and utility, agree on goals. You identify the target audience and define your requirements and parameters like time, quality and budget.

The concept

During the concept phase, you design the bot persona with a view to use case and target audience. You determine technical parameters and the necessary AI tools. You develop subconcepts for contents, tasks, aesthetics and interaction and draft the dialogue concept.

Dialogue design and script

Dialogue design: In this phase, your conversational learning designers determine the dialogue structure and process, formulate the content and contributions (“turns”) and procure the additional media. Important key phrases: paths, stories, dialogue management, intents & entities, contributions & turns.

Test and pilot phase

Good, better, …: As you develop your LearnBot, the test or pilot operation with a representative sample of the target audience provides important insights on real world usage and requirements. Even experienced bot developers, who have been implementing bots for years in environments such as sales and services keep emphasising this point again and again.

Self-learning machines

Machine learning methods are often associated with “self-learning” AI applications. However, this expression is more technical than is often understood. It would of course be fantastic if our bots could acquire all the knowledge and communicative skills they need for their job all on their own. Unfortunately, this is only the case within more or less narrow parameters. Any (good) bot needs to be trained by people – implicitly or explicitly, rule based or case based – there is just no way around it!

Live operation and continuous improvement

Based on conversation logs, your conclusions and the resulting decisions, you improve your bot in the next step. Then you release it for live operation! As the bot is live, you continue to evaluate log files – your LearnBot gets better, even better, … 🙂

C-learning services

Consulting, training, implementation

Create learning bots with Jix yourself

E-learning authors and pedagogically trained professionals create their own LearnBots with the help of Liza script. Aside from content dialogues, Jix supports single and multiple choice tests, feedback requests, learning games, role playing and various other learning scenarios. The range stretches from a dialogue system with artificial avatars, to training assistants, to escape room scenarios and serious games.

There is a low-threshold use via chat or messenger interfaces or natural language in- and output functions. Jix LearnBots are therefore easy to access for many user groups. Abbreviated inputs, or those containing errors, are also possible because Jix tolerates typos, understands acronyms and uses fuzzy matching methods. Communication with your Jix-based LearnBot therefore becomes easy and efficient.

C-learning for everyone

The combination of an intelligent bot software like Jix with a straightforward and clear script language such as Liza script is the perfect solution for media didacts and learning content designers. It allows you to develop LearnBots for your own organisation without having to commission external developers, programmers or agencies each time. Thus, artificial intelligence in conversational learning becomes accessible to anyone engaged in professional development.

Jix and Liza script require only a short training period because it is very straightforward, easy to understand and manageable. Moreover, Liza script is elegant and powerful, allowing you to develop very effective LearnBots in a short amount of time. We support future c-learning designers each step of the way with our tried and tested training-on-the-job process. You get great results from the very beginning!

Further training for trainers and e-learning authors

Even professional educators with no IT-background can create intelligent dialogue systems these days. The role of conversational learning designer is a new key qualification and a new job profile in the world of professional development, similar to moderating online courses and MOOCs, conducting webinars and creating digital learning content. Aside from media didactics competency, the ability to conceptualise good dialogues is an important qualification for conversational learning design.

We enable trainers, professional development experts and e-learning authors to successfully create their own LearnBots!

We currently offer our webinar series “AI meets Training”. During the first half of 2019, we offer a blended learning course to qualify as a “Conversational Learning Designer”. Check for upcoming dates or contact us directly!


We would be delighted to support you with our expertise during your next AI-meets-training project. Our services at a glance:

  • Feasibility study/requirements analysis
  • Conception (use-case, persona, dialogue management, branding)
  • Implementation/scripting
  • Launch and optimisation
  • Helpdesk for users and operators

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